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How We Began by PitBill Ziegler

The Beginning

My whole life I would help animals if they were hurt or homeless, from squirrels to dogs. Starting at about age eight, my parents would look outside in the yard and see the stray dogs I that brought home. I remember saying to my mother, "I like animals more than people." She replied, "Oh, I'm sure that your thinking will change as you get older, honey." Momma is usually right, but not in this case…

The Story of Zeus

About six years ago, I received a phone call from a friend. He said a one-year-old "Pit Bull" was being burned with cigarettes, caged to the point of deformity, and starved down to 19 lbs. He was going to be euthanized the next morning and asked would I take him in. "Bring him here NOW!" I said. He arrived around 11p.m. and was petrified of EVERYTHING! I rehabilitated him and today he is the dog known as Zeus.

The Fight Begins

My love for Pit Bulls has led me to do all I legally can to protest against dog fighters and animal abusers! Based on tips of fighting rings, abuse and neglect cases, I seek them out. Real men who like to fight do it in a ring themselves, they don't use their dogs to do it for them! Fighting as sport is legal and should only be done in controlled settings, or as a last resort for self defense. Dog fighting is cruel, inhumane and illegal in most states.

The Organization Was Born

I took my love for animals and turned it into a legal, registered 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue called Pit Crew Rescue. I do not jump fences or do anything remotely illegal that can affect me or my organization anymore. I still have the love and passion for animals but do it from a legal stance. Too many lives depend on me and cannot do any good from prison. In conclusion, I will help any of God's creatures but the reason why I focus mostly on "Pit Bulls" is because they are the most abused, misunderstood breed and shelter are 90% packed with them. Zeus was my first rescue and far from last.

My Passion

God BLESSED me with the strength and the professional training BOTH physically and mentally I need to DEFEND this breed with ANY MEANS NECESSARY! Dog fighters and animal abusers beware. I will continue to follow my passion!”
Being a dog owner can be the most rewarding feeling in the world! And remember…dogs aren't for everybody, they require time, exercise, patience and love!”

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