Pit Crew Rescue Update | May 2015

Since the passing of founder PitBill Ziegler, we are no longer a rescue. See a list of the NY PitBull Rescues below.


William “PitBill” Ziegler

We sadly regret to inform the followers of PitBill Ziegler, Pit Crew Rescue and M.A.A.R.A. that last night Bill lost his battle with cancer. Below are some of the other NY area rescues.

New York area PitBull Rescues:

New York Bully Crew

Second Chance Rescue

Guardians of Rescue

All of Bill’s dogs were taken in by Guardians of Rescue for placement in forever homes.


Please help support this organization:

Guardians of Rescue Website

— Pit Crew Rescue website administrator

Social Media

We are proud to have saved thousands of dogs through our active social media network. We are part of a vast network of rescue groups all over the country and have supporters all over the world. Our efforts save many dogs every day. This is our primary method of communication as situations change so quickly.

Our Organization

We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization so all donations are tax deductible. We will be glad to provide a receipt for tax purposes. If you would like to mail a donation our address is:
Pit Crew Rescue
P.O. Box 257
East Moriches, NY 11940

Our Service Area

Our service area is the state of New York. Revenues are generated through adoption fees and donations. Being a small operation, we do not own or lease office space. In addition, there are no paid employees or consultants.

Shelter Relationships

We have relationships with several area shelters. Some of our dogs are rescued from shelters where the dogs will be euthanized within 24-48 hours unless there is intervention. Dogs also come to us as "call-ins" of abuse cases and owner-surrenders.

Foster Home Network

We have created a "foster home network" that can accommodate up to 50 dogs per year that we can rescue and find adoption homes. To clarify, we do not operate a shelter. Our rescued dogs are placed in foster homes until they are adopted. We will pay for food, medical, and ANY repairs, (fences, etc.) to make sure the animal is safe and well taken care of until adopted.

What We Provide

The organization provides our rescued dogs with veterinary care, shots, spay or neuter, medical treatment for any illnesses, behavioral and obedience training, and socialization opportunities. They spend an average of two months in a foster home until they are adopted. We provide dog food, but will also accept funds for food.

Fund-Raising, Education and Adoption Events

We host events throughout the year. We bring available dogs out to "meet and greet" and have materials and volunteers to help educate the public on the Pit Bull breed. We also have educational information on our website. You ca now buy Pit Crew products and gear from our store to show your support. All proceeds from purchases and donations at events go to the rescue dogs.

Community Outreach

Prevent Abuse | Foster | Adoption | Education | Awareness

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Zeus The Service Dog

Zeus has now officially been fully certified as a service dog.

Zeus and Bill will be out in the community, working hard to change the perception of the Pit Bull breed. Definition: “Desirable character traits in service animals typically include good temperament or psychological make-up and good health. Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and in recent years American Pit Bull Terriers are the most common breeds used as service dogs. Any breed or breed mix is capable of being a service dog, though few dogs have all of the health and temperament qualities needed.”

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Partner Program

Offering a new Leash for Georgia's County Inmates and Unwanted Shelter Dogs to have a 2nd Chance Opportunity in Life!

Radio Interview

Providing background information on the organization and events.

Mission Statement

The purpose for forming Pit Crew Rescue is to prevent abuse and cruelty to dogs, particularly the Pit Bull breed. We do this by providing foster homes for rescued dogs, education on the plight of the Pit Bull breed (the most abused breed of dogs), education on the importance of spay and neuter, and finally, we find permanent loving homes for our rescued dogs. The organization provides our rescued dogs with veterinary care, shots, spay or neuter, medical treatment for any illnesses, behavioral and obedience training, and socialization opportunities. They spend an average of two months in a foster home until they are adopted. We provide dog food, but will also accept funds for food.

The Beginning

My whole life I would help animals if they were hurt or homeless, from squirrels to dogs. Starting at about age eight, my parents would look outside in the yard and see the stray dogs I that brought home. I remember saying to my mother, “I like animals more than people.” She replied, “Oh, I'm sure that your thinking will change as you get older, honey.” Momma is usually right, but not in this case…

The Story of Zeus

In 2007 I received a phone call from a friend. He said a one-year-old Pit Bull was being burned with cigarettes, caged to the point of deformity, and starved down to 19 lbs. He was going to be euthanized the next morning and asked would I take him in. “Bring him here NOW!” I said. He arrived around 11p.m. and was petrified of EVERYTHING! I rehabilitated him and today he is the dog known as Zeus.

The Fight Begins

My love for Pit Bulls has led me to do all I legally can to protest against dog fighters and animal abusers! Based on tips of fighting rings, abuse and neglect cases, I seek them out. Real men who like to fight do it in a ring themselves, they don't use their dogs to do it for them! Fighting as sport is legal and should only be done in controlled settings, or as a last resort for self defense. Dog fighting is cruel, inhumane and illegal in most states.

The Organization Was Born

I took my love for animals and turned it into a legal, registered 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue called Pit Crew Rescue. I do not jump fences or do anything remotely illegal that can affect me or my organization anymore. I still have the love and passion for animals but do it from a legal stance. Too many lives depend on me and cannot do any good from prison. In conclusion, I will help any of God's creatures but the reason why I focus mostly on "Pit Bulls" is because they are the most abused, misunderstood breed and shelter are 90% packed with them. Zeus was my first rescue and far from last.

My Passions by PitBill Ziegler

God BLESSED me with the strength and the professional training BOTH physically and mentally I need to DEFEND this breed with ANY MEANS NECESSARY! Dog fighters and animal abusers beware. I will continue to follow my passion!”

Being a dog owner can be the most rewarding feeling in the world! And remember…dogs aren't for everybody, they require time, exercise, patience and love!”

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